Apex Association for Social & Human Activity of India i.e. “AASHA INDIA” is a charitable Trust registered under Indian Trust Act,1882. at Godda, Jharkhand in India. AASHA INDIA is community based  Non-Government Organization (NGO) working at the grass roots level for the participatory development of the so called deprived sections of the society. The problems of this sections have remained a burning issues ever since he independence of the country. The bulk of this sections are Tribes (Santhal & Pahariya – a most primitive tribal ), Dalits, minorities and Other Backward Classes.
Realizing the fact RAJEEV KUMAR, a eminent Journalist and  social worker having a close look and working experience with such community along with some devoted workers started to do social work for them.

The promotion of the income generation, education, medical health care, training and teaching measures for the larger section of the community in India in general, particularly the poor, down trodden with lower income groups who are leading a life much below the poverty line for generations and still needed the attention of social workers on these aspects can not be ruled out.
 Our work is for establishing equality and equity based gender just, knowledgeable and self reliant civil society

AASHA INDIA has committed for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society and have helped the cause of social upliftment, social justice for the establishment of self reliant society.
 Mission of AASHA INDIA is for the cause of change n the present state of affairs of the weaker sections of the community at large under the frame work of democracy and prevent laws of the country through income generation, education and health care.


Why AASHA INDIA is different ?

Strategy of AASHA INDIA s to form and strengthen community based organization (CBO’s) focusing on women and adolescence, women’s organization and adolescence’s groups are empowered to effectively undertake the responsibility of implementation and monitoring of development initiatives in the operational area.  
Depending upon the size of the village, there are one or more such organizations in every village. Such organization intervene in social, educational, economical, cultural & political areas for social transformation while AASHA INDIA provides the necessary backup support. 

Operational Area & Target Group 

AASHA INDIA has started social work in the following States:-
        2. Jharkhand
        3. Uttar Pradesh
        4. Bihar

 Area of Intervention

►Education and Human resource development
►Awareness about community health and nutrition
►Community organization and women empowerment
►Livelihood skills development and income generation
►Natural resources generation and agriculture
►Advocacy and Networking
►Awareness about the panchayati raj, RTI Act and RTE 
►Child labour, Right to work and communal harmony
►Environmental pollution, Global warming and Ecological

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